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A fast, directional and affordable testing service for tactical decisions marketing and communications decisions

Connect with your audience and test your communication idea, concept or product to find out:
Which concept – A or B? Is it clear or confusing? Is the tone right or will it offend? Is it for them or someone else? Is it a stand-out or run of the mill? Will it prompt change or have no impact?

Icon ClockFast Without Cutting Corners
We don’t have long lead-in times or pour over transcripts. You get results within 5 days of briefing.

Icon Time
Expert Analysis
Our expert Acid Test facilitators have clocked up 70+ years testing start-ups top multi-national brands and comms.

Icon People
Small is Beautiful
The Acid Test is a carefully selected focus group of your target audience. Your investment is small.

Icon Screen
Watch the Test Live
Acid tests can be done anywhere in the world, including at the INK Research Rooms. Watch the test live or we can stream it to you.

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