Code of practice

Litmus Ltd is a leading research, evaluation and design company. We are members of the Australasian Evaluation Society and Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association. Our story collectors work to a Code of Practice. The code draws on the principles of research ethics used in health research.

Professional standard

All story collectors undergo Litmus’ training in story collection. This is so they can perform their services to the best of their knowledge, experience, skill and ability and to a professional standard. All our story collectors are selected on the basis of their people skills and ethical conduct.

Respect for people

We have respect for people and are dedicated to making sure your family feels safe and comfortable. We won’t collect a story without the story teller’s written permission. We understand that telling family stories are enjoyable but can also be sad when reliving memories. Our story collectors are empathetic and professional, and will make sure the story teller has time and space to tell their story in their own time. We’re here to encourage discussion, so story tellers have the freedom to share what they feel is right.

Privacy and confidentiality

Our story collectors have signed a confidentiality agreement. Our story collectors do not share your family story without your permission. The only exception to this is when the story collector is worried about someone’s safety. When this happens, the story collector will discuss the concern with a Litmus Partner to decide the appropriate action. We will always act to ensure people are safe.

Good safety practice

We always put safety first for your family and our story collectors. All story collectors have undergone criminal record checks. We also have a check-in process for our in-home story collection. We ask families to review their experience so we know how to improve our service or make it safer. Our safety practice is guided by Litmus’ Health and Safety Strategy.

Diversity and inclusion

We welcome diversity in our communities. We practice diversity and inclusion by celebrating stories across age, gender, language, culture, ability, education, economic background, religion and sexual orientation. Practicing diversity and inclusions also means incorporating diversity into our values and culture.

Quality assurance

We are dedicated to providing a quality product, which is why we want to make sure everything is comfortable before we get started. You’re welcome to ask any questions throughout the process to ensure a quality product. Before you get started, we’ll do a quick video and sound check for quality and make sure you’re comfortable with the set up.

Data security

We keep your family story safe and confidential. We hold your family story on Litmus’ secure server for 28 working days. During this time, we will contact you to remind you to save your family story or keep it in a safe place.

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