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Our way of working

Social change for good

Looking to introduce or adjust policy, craft fresh strategy, or change the narrative? Like you, we know our world is complex, diverse and dynamic. Together, we will deepen what you already know and answer your big questions. We are empathetic and inclusive and honour peoples’ lived experiences.

Our powerful yet practical research combines our deep understanding of systems, people and culture with our broad spectrum of qualitative and quantitative research and synthesis capabilities.

Seeking to find out what is working and what needs work?

Like you, we want a better world founded on good decisions. That’s why we can help you evaluate your policy or strategy and test it against your stakeholders’ expectations and experiences. We will work with you to develop a quality, fit-for-purpose evaluation that answers your key questions.

We adopt inclusive processes for stakeholder engagement to optimise ownership and learning. We always choose the best methods to collect evidence. Our reports are clear and presented in a way stakeholders find helpful and actionable.

Understanding people & communities

Do you need an extra pair of hands to engage with and work alongside communities? How do you do that, respectfully and purposefully, with groups who may not have a voice at the table? We share your goals of putting communities at the heart of legislation and policy design, development and decision-making through effective community engagement.

Whether large public workshops, hui, focus groups, or online forums, our processes are accessible, inclusive, respectful and ethical. Our submission analysis capabilities provide quality, timely insights at scale.