Finding the best participants for focus groups can be hard, but there are lots of avenues you can take.  If it’s appropriate, you can use personal or professional contacts – but remember it is best to have participants that don’t really know each other. Make sure you screen for eligibility so you know you have the best people in the room. You will most likely need to host more than one focus group, so finding a variety of people with different types of knowledge is a great way to ensure you explore a wide range of ideas.

You might need to get creative! Think about the group of people you want to have a discussion with, and work out how you might attract them to your focus group. For example, Student Job Search is a great forum for finding young people, but if you’re looking for users of a particular service then you might need to think how you can advertise to those users. Remember recruiting can be quite time consuming, so consider the possibility of outsourcing if you need to.

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