What to expect when you book a story session with a story collector

Booking and payment process

Our booking process is quick and easy. When you book a family story session, we will ask you a few questions about the story you want to collect, and who you want to collect it from.

We will load all the details into the booking form so you can confirm it. Before you confirm a booking, you can ask any questions you might have.

We want to make payment as easy as possible, so we offer online banking.

Once the booking is confirmed, we will call the story teller (your family member who you want the story collected from) to let them know our process and to answer their questions. We will arrange the date, time and place of the story session directly with them. If the story teller lives in Wellington, they can choose whether to have the session at home or the Ink Research Rooms. We will also send them a consent form asking permission to gather their story.

We will also send you a profile of the story collector.

Planning your family story

It’s a good idea to plan a few ideas for what you want the story teller to talk about.

Every family has memorable stories to collect. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at some of the conversation ideas we have put together. If you’re buying a story session for a special occasion then you can focus the story session around this.

What happens at a story session?

Our story collectors are professional and friendly. Have a read of our code of practice that guides our work.

When the story collector arrives, they will introduce themselves and show the story teller their identification.

Before the story session starts the story collector will check that they have received the consent form and answer any last minute questions.

We use discrete recording equipment to record stories, so there will be no large camera or microphone. The story collector will set up and check the recording equipment.

The story gathering process is very informal and enjoyable. The story collector will ask a few opening questions to start the conversation, and then will leave it up to the story teller to tell their story. The story collector will be ready with guidance and support if needed. The story teller doesn’t need to remember everything.

With the story teller’s permission, the story collector will take a photo as a memento.

The total length of the story session is 60 minutes, including set up time.

What happens after the story session?

We will courier you the video of your family story. We hold your family story confidentially on our secure server for 28 days as a safety measure. We will email you during this time and remind you to save your family story.

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